One-on-One Soul Mastery Mentoring

3-step karmic purge to unlock your quantum potential to help you align with your unique Soul Vibrational Qualities you are designed to thrive in your physical experience.


This is a 3 x 60-minute consultation package conducted with Vanessa via Zoom over 3 consecutive weeks. 

This is for spiritually conscious self-starters ready to explore a deeper level of themselves and would like a grounded, yet innovative approach to mastery, or looking to create a shift in at least one life area.

Key benefits

  • Clarity of who you are at soul-level and your quantum nature. 
  • Discover HOW to use your unique Soul Vibrational Qualities to help you thrive in your physical experience.
  • Uncover "heavy-hitting" distortions that have held you back.
  • Increased inflow of vital force energy and therefore, increased creative power! 
  • Anchor a deeper spiritual foundation.
  • Personalised guidance towards an intention.
  • Receive a personalised copy of your My Soul Vibrational Qualities report.

What we cover

We focus on a particular intention during the consultation period. By doing so, we can "flush out" specific distortions impacting that intention, as well as hone into how you may apply your specific Soul Vibrational Qualities.

Session outline covers (but is not limited to) the following:

Session 1

  • Uncover your unique Soul Vibrational Qualities - how you are designed to THRIVE in your physical experience.
  • Identify the "heavy-hitting" distortions impacting your access to your Soul Vibrational Qualities.
  • Energetically "clear" (a.k.a. quantum healing) of identified distortions to increase the inflow of vital force energy to help you access your Soul Vibrational Qualities.

Session 2

  • Guidance of how to apply your Soul Vibrational Qualities in relation to a current goal or something you want to transform.
  • Address any foundational distortions that are thwarting your goal or intention.
  • Identify and "clear" further distortions impacting you right now.

Session 3

  • Address boundaries, one-sided or co-dependency exchanges.
  • Strategies to navigate the "dissonance" period that accompanies all transitions.
  • Delve further into your Soul Vibrational Qualities, identify distortions, and actionable guidance.

This is a karmic deep-dive and purge to help unlock your quantum potential!

What you must bring to the table

  • Acknowledge that you are 100 percent responsible and the powerful creator of your own experience.
  • Acknowledge getting out of your comfort zone is an integral aspect of change, transformation, and creation.
  • Embrace "new" and experimentation.

Are you Ready?

Clarity of who you are at soul-level and your quantum nature. 

Embody an unshakable spiritual foundation that is grounded and practical. 

Unapologetic self-expression that is liberating and expansive! 

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What to Expect

You will receive:

  • 3 x 60-minute consultations over 3 consecutive weeks.
  • Your personalised My Soul Vibrational Qualities report.
  • Quantum energy clearing during each consultation.
  • Actionable guidance towards your intention.
  • Audio recording of each consultation (optional).

Please Note: You will receive an email immediately after purchase requesting further information as well as your booking link.


$999 AUD.

Refund Notice

Payments are non-refundable. If you change your mind after purchase and no longer wish to participate in this one-on-one consultation service, you may request a full refund (minus Stripe’s payment processing fee) no less than 7 days prior to your first consultation. Please refer to the Terms of Service.

Limited Time Offer

This service is available for purchase until 11:59 pm December 5, 2021, and your 3 x 60-minute consultations must be completed by December 24, 2021.

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$999 AUD


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