Unlock your Quantum Potential through Soul Mastery

A 7-week self-paced program where you discover who you are at soul level and how to apply your Soul Vibrational Qualities to help you thrive in your physical experience.


Are you ready to dive right in?

Discovering who you are at soul level and how to apply your unique Soul Vibrational Qualities to help you thrive is truly a sacred and liberating experience.

Understanding the quantum nature of human existence related to our current point in human evolution gives you a new level of compassion towards yourself and others.

A complete shift in perspective shines the light on a whole new way of operating in your physical experience, that has only become more available in recent years!

And... taking the guesswork out of what "soul purpose" actually is, helps ground you and embrace reality in a way that is both personally and spiritually liberating!

Key benefits

  • Get to the core of who you are and your quantum nature. 
  • Clarity of who you are at soul-level. 
  • Discover HOW to use your unique Soul Vibrational Qualities to help you thrive.
  • Embody an unshakable trust in who you are as a divine AND sovereign being.
  • Create next-level healthy boundaries that transform your relationships for the better.
  • Embrace life from a whole new perspective that is congruent with universal laws.
  • Being a "normal person" who is spiritually conscious without the dogma or it being a label or identity.
  • Receive a personalised copy of your My Soul Vibrational Qualities report (which I obtain from your Akashic Record - see FAQs below) upon which the entire program is based upon.
  • Unapologetic self-expression that is grounded, liberating and EXPANSIVE! 

What Does Expansion Look Like?

By understanding who you are at soul-level and expressing your unique Soul Vibrational Qualities, you create an "expanded" and more abundant experience. This might look like (but is not limited to):

  • More time, money, vitality and vibrancy.
  • Deeper intimacy and meaningful relationships.
  • Improved intuition.
  • Increased perceptual awareness.
  • Enhanced extrasensory gifts (e.g. telepathy, foresight, visionary, healing, etc.).
  • More choices available to you to help create the type of life you want.
  • Optimised efficiency in your creative process.

The Right Tools for an Unshakable Spiritual Foundation 

This is an implementation-based program for spiritually conscious self-starters wanting to get the most out of their life!

What we cover

Module 1: Complete Perspective Shift of Possibility!

  • What really is "spirituality"? I offer a shift in perspective of your existential purpose that is relevant to our current point in human evolution.
  • What is the soul exactly? I define what the soul actually is in context with our human and physical experience.
  • Duality versus polarity: Fundamental terms that are often misinterpreted that I clarify to help you understand and navigate your experience.

Module 2: Your Soul Vibrational Qualities

  • Unlocking your quantum potential – I introduce a brand-new way to work with your "spiritual self" that is grounded and practical and opposite to many spiritual teachings out there.
  • We delve into your unique Soul Vibrational Qualities and how you are designed to thrive in your physical experience.
  • We explore the possibilities of how you might embody your unique Soul Vibrational Qualities and how you might use them to help create the type of life you want. 

Module 3: Distortions

  • We explore distortions and how they limit your access to your Soul Vibrational Qualities.
  • We get real about your choices and the potency of karma.
  • I explain the real purpose of mind and spiritual tools and why they are often overused and can actually stall your progress.

Module 4: Personal Boundaries

  • We uncover why unhealthy boundaries always result in limitations accessing your Soul Vibrational Qualities.
  • We address one-sided and co-dependent relationships.
  • We cover some of the dynamics that occur as a result of addressing boundaries.

Module 5: General Boundaries

  • We cover how you give away your energetic resources in general.
  • We address behaviours governed by societal expectations.
  • We get real about the energetic potency of online consumption.

Module 6: What do you WANT?!?!

  • We get real about what you really want and why you might stop yourself asking for it.
  • Why your ego is actually the most critical part of the manifestation process, regardless of how "spiritual" or "highly conscious" you consider yourself to be.
  • We cover the mechanics of dissonance and why this cannot be bypassed.

Module 7: Embracing Neutrality and Detachment

  • We explore the most productive way to navigate mistakes, failures, and poor results.
  • Why renegotiation will become a valuable tool in the coming years.
  • Ideas beyond the program that help you take charge and become more embodied in your spiritual authority.

Q & A Support Videos

  • Q & A videos to address your questions. 

What you must bring to the table

  • Acknowledge that you are 100 per cent responsible and the powerful creator of your own experience.
  • You must be willing to take your "spiritual training wheels" off.
  • Acknowledge that you have participated in "distortions" that limit human potential.
  • Embrace experimentation.
  • Welcome dissonance as an integral aspect of change, transformation and creation.

Are you Ready?

CLARITY of who you are at soul-level. 

Embody an UNSHAKABLE spiritual foundation. 

Unapologetic self-expression that is liberating and EXPANSIVE! 


What to Expect

You will receive:

  • Your personalised My Soul Vibrational Qualities report (prepared by Vanessa). These are your "quantum" or "divine" qualities you are designed to thrive.
  • Audio mindfulness exercise to help you anchor your energetic sovereignty and create healthy boundaries.
  • 7 modules, each module delivered every 7 days - you will be notified via email when new content is ready.
  • A pre-module welcome message is available immediately after purchase, with module 1 available the following day.
  • Each module consists of a video, plus a downloadable PDF.
  • Allow an additional 1 – 2 hours per module to work on exercises.
  • Module-specific homework to practice and apply Soul Vibrational Qualities.
  • Module-specific email check-ins at the completion of each module. 
  • Secure and private online access via your own account.
  • Access content anywhere via the Kajabi app.

Please Note: You will receive an email immediately after purchase requesting further information and permission to access your soul blueprint via your Akashic Record (see FAQs below) so that Vanessa can prepare your My Soul Vibrational Qualities report.

You will receive your report within two days before or after Module 2.

All information is treated as strictly confidential. Please refer to the Privacy Policy.


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