What would you NEVER give up for a million dollars?

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This question is not always something we ask ourselves... but we all have that one non-negotiable that we would never trade for anything!

For me, it’s knowing who I am at soul level. Not only has helped me understand and navigate these past three years - but it has given me an unshakable foundation of who I am in this world and how to move forward in these uncertain times with a sense of anticipation, liberation and excitement.

And I'm noticing more people putting greater value in their sacred journey and personal sovereignty over labels and hierarchy.

Understanding who you are at soul level isn’t just a fun or interesting thing to know… it’s the core essence of your being! 

Unfortunately, most people are only connected to a FRACTION of who they are at soul level and their unique soul vibrational qualities and often second-guess those aspects because of social and cultural conditioning.  

One way to describe your soul vibrational qualities is that they are your personal mathematical equation that fits in with the universal mathematical equation.

When you embody your soul vibrational qualities, you create an inner foundation and flow with the universal pattern no matter how much chaos is going on… no second-guessing!

Once you understand your unique "equation" - you understand your personal and sacred journey that empowers an inner foundation that embraces change as a creative process rather than fear it from a place of survival.

Too often, we give our power away because we abandon our inner knowing at the expense of meeting some type of external expectation that often negates who you are.

Is knowing who you are at soul level and getting clarity of your unique soul vibrational qualities and how you are designed to thrive a non-negotiable for you?

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