What exactly IS Soul purpose?

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Let's re-examine this notion of "soul purpose" or "life purpose" and what it actually is, especially in the context of our current times.

It's not some mysterious mission that you must "figure out" or lose yourself to. It's reclaiming your sovereignty as a divine being - where you embody being spiritual AND physical, simultaneously - not as two separate aspects.

As a society, we are gripped by the notion of "duality" which is not only causing a lot of emotional upheaval for many right now, but many are making choices from a reactive state. However, this "duality" is breaking down because we are moving into a more empowering way of experiencing ourselves in this physical reality (despite what you see in the mainstream media). 

Stepping further into your independent sovereignty is about accessing more of "you" as a divine being, and hence more of your creative power via your Soul Vibrational Qualities to create an expanded physical and spiritual experience. 

Gone is the idea that your "spiritual self" is something separate or outside of you or that it's more "important" than your mind or physicality - or that you have to become some type of healer, psychic or spiritual teacher to become more "evolved" - this is out-dated.

In fact, practices such as competitive sport and entrepreneurship (or highly autonomous jobs such as sales, business development, and management) are a grounded form of "spirituality" - because you are 100 per cent responsible and your results don't lie! Even if you're competing in a D-grade cycling race, you are going to know pretty quickly who has done their training or not!

And entrepreneurship is all about setting up physical foundational operations for your business (website, social media, products, services, payments, etc.), then becoming "dialled-in" to your work to attracting and delivering your offerings to your ideal audience - then experimenting and tweaking along the way to get your desired result. It really is the ultimate form of creation and divine self-expression!

You soul's "purpose" is to CREATE.

Your Soul Vibrational Qualities contains your unique vibrational building blocks of how you are designed to thrive in your physical experience. 

It then comes down to what you want, and what is aligned to achieve that. 

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