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Have you noticed the nature of the content you consume online of people you follow has changed in recent years?

You have probably observed that you are not as concerned with the “polished” quality of video content as you used to, but rather, your resonance with that person. In fact, you may even be put off or feel a disconnect with some overly pristine video production.

One of the biggest mistakes many new entrepreneurs, professionals wanting to grow their profile, or those wanting to build a following to share their work make is “intellectualising” the value they offer to others according to their acquired “skills” such as their tertiary education or their professional qualifications.

But what this does is it takes you away from your soul-level gifts that come with EASE for you. It creates a disconnect with your audience - because you are essentially being someone you are not!

More and more, people are shifting their energy to YOU, not your qualifications, education, or how “expert” you are… but YOU.

This might seem counter-intuitive for smart, professional, and educated people, because as a society, we have been so conditioned to value intellect and skills you have acquired through "hard work" and sacrifice to “get ahead”. However, as a result, many have stepped away from those innate divine gifts that come to us with EASE!

More and more people are tapping into that grander "soul" aspect of themselves beyond their intellect but are experiencing an inner conflict with their beliefs around the value they offer to the world!

Your soul qualities are what you are innately "expert" at - by expressing these into your physical experience, you create ease because you are in resonance with how you were created by "source" - in other words, you are doing what you are designed to do!

However, acquired skills that you had to obtain by “hard work” and sacrifice begets more hard work and sacrifice - and many who have climbed their professional ladder have realised that this is not sustainable long-term if they want to create the balanced lifestyle many are seeking by putting in the “hard yards”.

Obviously, certain acquired skills are necessary depending on what you want to create, but they sit in the background, not the forefront, and ideally complement your soul qualities that come with EASE and enhance the true essence of who you are!

There are many intelligent, highly educated, and skilled people out there who have “dimmed” their magnificence because of stereotypes around professional “value”. Not only are they short-changing themselves - but many MANY people out there don’t get to experience their magnificence because of a distorted sense of value and service!

“Resonance” via claiming your independent sovereignty is the “new” corporate ladder, so to speak. More and more people are tapping into and expressing these grander “soul” aspects of themselves in a more significant way and creating more ease and efficiency in their lives.

The question is, do you know your soul-level gifts?

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