Is Spiritual Dogma Hindering You?

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Soul Potential

Your Divinity is aligned to the unconditionality of the Universe. From a spiritual perspective, the only cardinal rule is never to interfere with the free will of another divine being. 

Have you changed certain behaviours as a result of your spiritual practice or expanding consciousness?

For example, you enjoy a cocktail, but you no longer drink them because it’s “not spiritual”, or you hide your alcohol intake in front of certain people?

Or you give away a lot of your time and money for this sense of "service to others".

Spiritual Dogma is an easy trap to fall into because of the abstract nature of spirituality and the cultural distortion to blindly trust a perceived external authority (especially “spiritual”) over one’s own instincts and discernment.

Spiritual Dogma refers to blindly complying to behaviours and beliefs of a chosen spiritual path or practice without too much examination. Frequently it manifests as an oversimplification of some concepts (taking them at face value). There is both a sense of trust in the process, yet an underlying feeling of restriction that creates an inner conflict that the person becomes convinced is part of the experience.

The underlying mechanisms are compliance and obedience. And we often we do this because we want to be seen as a "good" person and we have put trust into someone we perceive as "more evolved".

Spiritual Dogma is particularly prevalent to those who are prone to handing their power over to others (or to an idea), because of an underlying doubt of, and distrust in, their own sovereignty. 

But what this does is hinder authentic expression and expansion, because you are essentially following a set of "rules" or opinions of others AND creating dependency on others to get your needs met.

You are the only person in charge of your spiritual sovereignty! 

So why give that power away?

Your soul came here to create. From a spiritual level, there is only what you want, and what is aligned.

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