Quantum Approach to INDIVIDUALISM

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There’s this dilemma many people are facing right now, whether it’s their self-expression or growing a career or business (or both!)…is this desire for INDIVIDUALISM and feeling unique, witnessed, and appreciated by others for who they truly are. 

The only problem is, that most people behave (often unconsciously) like a commodity and conform to a specific set of rules (including unspoken ones!) depending on what type of role they’re playing.

For example, it’s not uncommon in the health, wellness and alternative healing industries where experts list all their qualifications rather than what problem they actually solve. Or you become some type of manager and suddenly you are working 10 hours overtime each week…or you start some type of spiritual practice and feel “mean” for asserting your boundaries so instead, you tolerate disrespectful behaviour.

Let’s look at a definition of commodity:

Something useful that can be turned to commercial or other advantage.

Unfortunately, the traditional education system teaches you to become a commodity. As does social and cultural constructs of how to do certain roles we play in society, such as being a parent, romantic partner or business owner - and even if we do step outside those roles, there’s often a lot of guilt, anxiety and inner conflict that sits in the background!

As a society, we are actually taught to “conform”, even if it doesn’t make sense or doesn't serve you - and this is why so many experience fear if they dare to step outside of these models!

Being a commodity is meeting someone else’s expectations… being a BRAND is expressing your own uniqueness and leveraging that to create the type of life you want!

The former keeps you in a particular bandwidth of existence, while the latter is freeing and limitless!

Your “Brand” has distinguishing qualities that set you from the rest…it doesn’t matter your qualifications, popularity or social hierarchy - people come to YOU. They want to experience YOU.

But it goes deeper…

Your “brand” is your divine essence…that authentic “quantum” part of you that is MAGNETIC and has people gravitate towards you.

This is what human potential looks like as we collectively continue to expand consciousness. 

Creating your brand is not something you do for the sake of being different or standing out - this is still doing stuff to meet (or rebel!) other people’s expectations. And while you might get some short-term success, this approach is not sustainable long-term because you feel the incongruency and this "facade" takes more effort to maintain, and others also pick up on it.

Your divine essence IS your soul vibrational qualities…but most people are not tapped into them because they sit outside of “norms”. Or are afraid of judgment they might receive from others.

So…are you ready to go BIG? 

And by big, I mean stepping out of your comfort zone to show the world a distinguishing quality unique to you? 

It doesn’t matter how accomplished or how spiritually conscious you are…there are always opportunities for deeper fulfilment, creative play and EXPANSION!

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