Karmic Debt is not what you think it is...

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There is one big misconception I would like to address - Karma is not cosmic payback…

Many people believe that you have to be a “good” person so that “good” things happen, but this is an oversimplification, and we all know that bad things happen to good people.

The problem being a “good” person is that our behaviours and choices are usually according to something external or a standard set by someone else.

What is poorly understood is the energetic mechanism that underpins Karma.

Like gravity, Karma is neutral. It’s the energy behind our choices that reflect our consequences. For example, if you keep saying “Yes” to things (that you don’t want to do) out of obligation, you are going to create more obligation!

Alternatively, if you avoid these same interactions (e.g. make yourself “busy”), the energy behind your choice then becomes avoidance and irresponsibility, which the generates more of this…

Can you see how this might snowball over time?

And how much effort it takes to then maintain these “negative” consequences?

But it’s so easy to shift - like a simple “No” can turn obligation into freedom.

You don’t need to be a “good” person for a period of time before you “deserve” your bounty - Karma can be shifted instantly, although you may have to see out the consequences of your previous negative choices, such as honouring financial obligations or addressing health issues.

But Karma also goes a step further - it’s related to making choices that are congruent to your Soul Vibrational Qualities. In other words, sometimes our choices aren’t “bad”, they just don’t reflect who you are at Soul-level.

For example, someone whose souls self-expression is all about harmony and balance who decides to work in emergency services will probably generate negative karma because this type of role is highly dramatic and unpredictable - opposite to their soul-level gifts! They might find themselves constantly exhausted because their fight/flight response is constantly triggered - maybe to the point of adrenal fatigue whereby they have to take time from work, which obviously also affects their income.

This is the level of awareness that you must become accustomed to as you continue to expand your consciousness, because energy underlies everything you do - and karma become more fine-tuned.

Incongruency always generates some level of lack, whether time, money, vitality, self-expression, and it can block your creative flow and intuition.

What is the main energy behind your choices right now?

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