Meet Vanessa

Vanessa is a transformation expert who specialises in helping people unlock their quantum potential through soul mastery that is grounded, liberating and EXPANSIVE.

Vanessa's work addresses you as a "spiritual" being having a PHYSICAL experience - an innovative and grounded approach to help you become unshakable in your spiritual sovereignty.

Vanessa is the author of UnSpiritually Spiritual - Getting Real about the Great Awakening, which overviews the dynamics of our current times and calls out the delusions, distortions, and stereotypes of New Age, Spirituality, and Religion that is holding so many back from embracing their true divinity.

Gone are the days where you have to jump through hoops to be worthy of "god" or the "divine" - or being dependent on some type of teacher, master or guru to be "initiated" or have your spiritual needs met - you can be a "normal person" who is very spiritually conscious without the need of being part of a spiritual or new age community or it being some type of label. 

Vanessa is a Master level trained quantum energy healer trained specifically to access your soul blueprint to obtain specific information about your unique talents and gifts and HOW you are designed to create the results you want most efficiently.

Vanessa also has over 18 years of experience as an exercise physiologist specialising in health, wellness, and physical performance.

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